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Red Umbrella Envelopes

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Size: 9 cm * 19 cm (3.54" * 7.48")

Color: Red

Material: Paper

Package(s): 10 Pcs

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A gift should be enough to capture the receiver’s attention and remain a part of their memory forever.

But when you are giving someone money, it doesn’t stay in their mind. Not anymore.

Give your Shagun a trendy makeover with this festive, handcrafted envelope in the color of Love!

These envelopes come adorned with sparkly umbrella motifs that are sure to grab attention.

Ideal for gifting on festive occasions like weddings, anniversaries, festivals, engagements, and other traditional ceremonies..

Can also be used for corporate gift certificates and event cards. Order them now!
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Why Shop With Us ?

80% of the artisans we support in India are women.


Your purchases support artisan families & uplift communities

Sharing heritage, strengthening cultural bonds with gifts.

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