Set of 10 Brown Lotus Money Envlopes - Perfect for Gift giving/Diwali Celebrations

No Desi function is complete without giving or getting shagun. Shagun is nothing but a kind of blessing from our elders in the form of money during festivities. The joy of getting or giving such shagun increases manifold when it comes wrapped in an elegant envelope.

Make a style statement with these gorgeous lotus-printed envelopes. The brown colour and the rough texture gives these envelopes a rustic feel and the 3-D effect on the lotus print makes it catchy and attractive.

  • This set comes in a pack of 10 envelopes
  • Each envelope has a dimension of 7.5 X 3.5 inch and can easily accommodate any currency with ease
  • It has a sober, elegant and classy look
  • Sturdy and durable material with Wax like finish
  • Affordable and complete worth for your money
  • Ideal for gifting money during festivities and also an excellent choice for corporate gift certificates

Ensure that your gift envelope is not just a piece of wrapping. With these brown lotus envelopes, you would make a long-lasting impact on the receiver’s mind.