Set of 4 Bandhini Envelopes

Struggling to pick out the right gift for someone? How about a gift card or cash instead? Just stash it in one of these beautiful Bandhani Envelopes and it’ll make a perfect gift for anyone.

  • Each envelope has exquisite tie & dye bandhani art embossed on it.
  • Is astoundingly elegant and comes with a touch of colorful Indian tradition.
  • An intricately scalloped golden detail finishes the edge of each of these dainty beauties.
  • Each pack contains a set of 4 envelopes.
  • Dimensions: 7.5W X 3.5 inches’ height.
  • Comes in an assorted color pack of red, green, mustard yellow and a versatile pink.
  • Made from high-quality paper.
  • Neat finish and crisp folds.

So if you are looking for a unique way to wrap up your heartwarming handwritten letters, cash gifts or gift cards, these bright colored beauties by Desi Favors is definitely for you!