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About Us

Coming from a cultural hub like India, the need to spread our heritage and culture all around the world was always there. One can't talk about the sub-continent without mentioning its food and festivals. No culture in any part of the globe is complete without talking about the same. Along with the delicious food and colorful decor, any ritual, religious event or celebration has a tradition of exchanging gifts. We at Desi Favors firmly believe that gifts should be meaningful and add some value to the guests. More often than not, we end up spending on gifts that have no attribute what so ever. Let alone inspiring the guests, they end up as clutter in the house. 

Living outside, it is challenging to find products that are embedded in our culture, and also that doesn't put a dent in our pockets. Our budding idea to venture into the world of gifting, to cater solely to the Non-Resident Indians has stemmed from our love for art and culture. This passion of ours has led to creating personalized handcrafted new generation products. Coming from a land of famous artisans and craftsmen who leave you speechless with their magnificent art, our dream to get quality handcrafted DIY items within reach to many NRI's didn't seem to be a distant reality anymore.

The idea which initially started as just helping friends and family for their events and celebrations, within no time gained popularity. The prominence our gifts carry says it all. Every product of ours is a perfect balance of quality and price. The range of DIY products we offer is one of our USPs. These products are effortless to use, and each one of them can be assembled and used within 30mins. Detailed and careful packaging ensures the products can be stored after their use with the same care. Another striking feature of our products is, they are usable for multiple events.

We can't stop gushing about the range of DIY kits specially designed for the little lot. If you are looking to imparting your culture and educating your kids about your motherland, Desi Favors is just the place. With choices galore, our kits cover every festival. Every DIY kit carries craft materials, specially designed to make it an engaging and fun experience for your kids. Not only do our DIY handcrafted items showcase our culture, but they also keep us connected to our roots. We take pride in producing the best quality products. What started as a passion-driven hobby has shaped into a venture. A venture that stands on the pillars of quality, culture, and happy customers.

To everyone who is already a part of our family, we thank you for walking along. And, to the ones who have just stepped in, we can't wait to assist you and surprise you.

With us, gifting is not a mere chore, it is an everlasting memory.

Happy gifting Folks!