About Us

Coming from a culturally rich place like India, I have always wanted to find a way to share our heritage and depict it in all aspects of my life. The best part of our culture is the opportunities we get to celebrate various religious and life events.When we meet and mingle, it is our tradition to exchange gifts. More often than not, we ended up with return gifts / favors  that barely stay in one piece until we got back home and that added no value to the guests. Far from inspiring the guests, the return gifts/Favors  would turn into unnecessary clutter one would rather not bring into their homes.
This situation drove me to make my own hand crafted return gifts for my guests, that are of very high quality. This showed my guests that I really cared to have them attend our event and also gave me an opportunity to showcase the prominence of a religious event, to show and explain the history behind it.
As I kept making return gifts for our birthdays, religious events, weddings and decors for events, I ended up helping more and more friends and eventually started making my products in bulk while still ensuring the highest level of quality.
We pride ourselves in making hand crafted products that are not only unique and original but can be put to good use even after the event and make a memorable gift for the guests.
Happy gifting....