Delicate White Green Yellow Lilly Garlands

Are these not REAL? That is the first comment that anyone will make when they see these garlands. Lilies stand for devotion and are one of the most popular flowers when it comes to decor for festivals, weddings and other celebrations. These garlands by Desi Favors are well-woven and crafted with perfection. It will look great everywhere and for any occasion.

  • Natural-looking lily garland
  • Closely woven wreath of flowers for an elegant look with hanging chamanthi (chrysanthemum) flowers at the ends
  • Three-colored garland with yellow, white and green lily flowers
  • Perfect for multiple decor needs
  • 5-feet in length, set of 2 garlands
  • Made from the best quality of materials
  • Gives an Indian touch to your festivities and add a symbol of culture
  • Highly durable yet delicate-looking
  • Can be re-used for your next events.

Buy this real-looking lily garland by Desi Favors today. Take the aesthetics of your living or working spaces up a notch.