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Indian Jasmine Scented Candle

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Size: 3 x 3 Inches

Color: Brass

Material: Candle Wax

Package(s): 1

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With a few over 200 species, Jasmine is the most sort after floret in the world. Symbolizes love, purity, and modesty in the most beautiful ways.

DesiFavors bring to you the same essence in a hand-crafted metal box with their Scented Jasmine Wax Candle to illuminate with harmony all your living spaces.

With its mild and charming throw, this candle will keep your surroundings calm and serene. Feel the instant shift in energy around your home once these are lit.

The Metal Box the candle comes encased in is a decor piece in itself. Add it to any space in your home and it will fit right in with its rustic charm.

Gift a few of these or buy them for yourselves and add ambiance to your spaces. Order them now!
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Why Shop With Us ?

80% of the artisans we support in India are women.


Your purchases support artisan families & uplift communities

Sharing heritage, strengthening cultural bonds with gifts.

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