DIY 3D Paper Krishna Kit

Known for stealing butter, let Krishna steal your children's hearts with this 3D DIY Krishna kit - it is the perfect gift for your child. The central character in a lot of mythological stories, Lord Krishna is an important of India. The perfect day to gift your child this kit is on Janmashtami, Lord Krishna's birthday and enlighten them about the festival.

• A DIY paper Krishna that is 3D and colorful
• An eye-catching unique design and expressions that every child can relate with
• A perfect idea for gifting
• Budget-friendly and value for money
• Comes in a beautiful pack
• The pack contains an interesting story card that inspires curiosity
• The pack comes with a step-wise instruction card for crafting the 3D
Paper       Krishna
• Made with high quality materials

This Janmashtami, engage your kids in a creative activity and let them have a glimpse into the Indian culture.