Stunning Gift Boxes with Flowers

Flowers speak volumes about what's in a person's mind without using any words. They can stand for love, express support, congratulate and celebrate various human bonds. With a golden flower printed atop these colorful boxes by Desi Favors, you will surely be able to send the right message.

  • Set of 8 flower boxes, each 3x3x1.5 inches in size
  • Comes in beautiful, vibrant colors of red, green, blue and pink
  • The golden flower symbol on the top of the boxes adds class and richness
  • Has multiple uses, can be used to pack small gifts, sweets, diyas, flowers, chocolates and a lot more
  • Perfect for gifting during festivals, weddings, poojas and other events
  • Affordable
  • High in quality and well-finished

Make an elegant statement that stands tall, symbolizing your taste and aesthetic sense. Get your set of boxes today!