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6" Disposable Leaf Bowls

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Size: 2" * 6" Approx.

Color: Sand Brown

Material: Palash Leaf

Package(s): 25 Pcs

Note: Color might vary as it a natural product

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Looking for traditional alternatives for disposable bowls at your home?

These Sal Leaf bowls will do the trick for you...

Be it homemade Pani Puri or a serving of chilled Pudding, these bowls will do it all.

100% biodegradable and non-toxic, these are the true definition of natural alternatives.

Order them now and join Team Nature!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
panchabootha follower
don't recommend the leaves are glued on, try non glued leaf rounds no cardboard backing

I don't recommend this product because the leaves are glued on which videos don't show they only show the pressing part not the glueing part. I returned it still waiting for a refund.

There were no brown spots, they are evenly brown in color not green like some other sal leaf products freshly made are. When exposed to the air I was told it can go brown after sometime. There was no flaking. There are bamboo sticks so be careful no stick breaks and ends up in the mouth. The sticks were firmly secured yet can have some fiber coming from it. For temples this can be a liability concern.There are more costly cotton thread stitched versions no sticks. They might be UV treated, machine dried and fumigated for export.

Consider during festival season (so stock is moving) offering non glued flat leaf rounds wihtout cardboard backing, with cotton thread stitching, and sit at a table or on floor that way no cardboard backing is needed for buffet line standing and be served by someone professionally trained in serving without cross contamination touching others food.

Tulasi Dondapati

Very durable and well made.

Drawer Title
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