Festive Durga Paper Bags

Goddess Durga' significance in Indian traditions is paramount. She is known as the Goddess who combats all evil, symbolizing the triumph of good. Worshipped during the Indian festival of Navratri, Goddess Durga is revered. Giving your gifts in these paper bags with the image of Goddess Durga will send out a powerful, positive message.

  • Colorful paper bags, each 5x3x8 inches in size
  • Comes in 4 colors of green, red, blue and pink
  • Set of 8 beautiful bags with a golden image of Goddess Durga
  • Perfect to place your gifts in - a great packaging idea
  • Affordable and unique
  • High-quality, sturdy paper bags that won't tear-off easily
  • Has a thing golden string for handles that adds to its elegance
  • A great way to celebrate the Indian culture

These stunning bags by Desi Favors won’t disappoint you.

Customer Reviews

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Jai Maata Di

Perfect bags. Solid paper quality and sleek looking handle. Love the finish and quality. A+