Creative Diwali Greeting Cards

In the digital age, the joy of receiving a hand-written greeting card is simply fantastic! This set of diwali greeting cards with envelopes makes it possible for you to personalize your wishes and spread the love! Diwali is all about celebrating the human bonds isn't it? This year, make the Diwali special with Desi Favors' Diwali cards.

What you get:
• 8 diwali greeting cards 6 x 5.5 inches
• 8 envelopes

Why buy:
• The best way to wish your loved ones
• A nice way to personalize your wishes
• Affordable gifting idea
• Made with the finest materials
• Colorful cards that embody the feeling behind the festival

Now you don't have to worry about spending a lot behind Diwali gifts that lack that a personal touch. These greeting cards are simple, classy and just what you need. Watch your loved ones smile this festive season. It will truly be a 'Happy Diwali!'