Colorful Indian Bandhini Potlis

Bandhini is a beautiful fabric that requires hand-crafted skills. About a thousand years old, bandhini cloth involves a long process that can only be done by skilled artisans at by hand, producing beautiful dotted patterns. These bandhini potlis by Desi Favors will win your heart and turn heads at every occasion you take them along.

  • Set of 4 colorful potlis that complement your outfit
  • Each potli bag is 9x7 inches in size
  • A great idea for a gift that reflects the Indian culture
  • Hand-crafted
  • Made with the finest materials and by skilled artisans
  • Comes in four vibrant colors of pink, green, red and orange
  • Adorned with beautiful golden borders
  • The perfect bag you need during poojas, Indian festivals and other cultural events

Get your cute potli bag today and feel that India is not very far from you! These bandhini potli bags reflect the Indian culture and make for an amazing handmade gift.