Om Ganesha Lotus & Hindu Swastik Decor Cutouts

Om, lotus, Hindu Swastik and Ganesha are powerful symbols of spirituality that are known to have a massive importance in the Indian culture. No Indian tradition is complete without these symbols. Revive the Indian traditions with these beautiful cutouts that can be used for festivals, weddings, poojas, in your pooja room, in temples and any other place you choose.

  • 4 powerful symbols of Indian traditions in one pack
  • Each symbol is 16 inches wide and 12 inches in height
  • Crafted to perfection and well-finished without any rough edges
  • Can be stuck on multiple surfaces
  • Inspires you to tap into your creativity and create your own unique decor/backdrop creations for festivals, weddings, poojas or other events
  • Affordable and a great value for money
  • Non-toxic and light to not damage your walls
  • Looks great as a gift for your loved ones and reflects the Indian culture well

Get these cutouts by Desi Favors today! They will transform the energy of your spaces and make you festival-ready.