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FAQ's for Quick backdrop Decoration Setup

1. Where can these sheets be used ? Can they also be reused multiple times ?
These sheets can be used on various surfaces. Walls, Foam Boards, or Backdrop Stands can be elegant choices to put these up. When stored safe we claim these kits to be viable for close to 8 uses.
2. Do these come folded or rolled? How to flatten the sheets before using them ?
The sheets are delivered in rolls. Gently unroll and roll them in the opposite direction to even out the curve a few hours before you begin setting up the decor. Spreading the sheets on an even surface and placing weight on all edges will assist the sheets in flattening out.

3. Can these be used on walls ? If so, how to put them up ?
Yes. You can use these on any evenly surfaced wall. To stick them to the wall, a double sided tape or heavy duty scotch tape* will be needed. Once the rolls have been flattened out, place the sheets on your desired space and start from either the top or the bottom and carefully add pins while smoothening folds and crunches. Link to buy :

4. What is a Foam Board ? What pins to use on a Foam Board ?
A Foam Board is a lightweight and easily cut material used for mounting various decor setups onto. It consists of a board of polystyrene foam clad with an outer facing of paper on either side. Sewing pins are appropriate to attach the sheets onto a foam board. Link to buy:

5. How to create a stand for the Foam Board ?
For a foam board stand you will need the following materials handy. A 2ft long wooden plank, 2 L-Clamps and a few screws. On the wooden plank, screw the clamps with a distance of exactly 2inches between them to ensure the foam board can fill in the gap. The links to the materials are added below, also a picture of the stand.
6. If I want to set up an 8ft x 8ft backdrop - how many sheets will I need ?
For a stage that is 8ft × 8ft, you will need two backdrop kits. As each kit contains 3 sheets with dimensions 2 feet wide X 7 ft tall, 4 sheets should be adept for the set up.

7. If I want to set up a 6ft x 6ft - how many sheets will I need ?
For a set up 6ft × 6ft, you will need a single backdrop kit. Plant all three sheets adjacent to each other while you glue or pin them up creating your event background.

8. How many sheets in total per backdrop? What's the quality of paper used ? How many GSM?
Each kit contains 3 sheets - each sheet measures 2ft Width X 7ft Height. Our backdrop sheets are made of the finest quality paper, approximately 300 GSM.

9. Why should you use our paper backdrop sheets? How are these different from cloth backdrops ?
Carefully crafted to perfection these paper backdrop sheets add elegance in a few minutes to your event. Unlike cloth backdrops which can’t be reinvented every occasion you have planned, these paper backdrop sheets can be tailored as per your choice and need. Add various items from our store to multiply the ambience and beauty of your background according to your need.

10. How to store them for the next event ?
Carefully unpin and roll them back the way they were shipped. Being elegantly portable the kit does not take up much space to be stored.