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Lotus-Shaped Urli
Handcrafted Large Plate
Rustic Metal Urli


Light up your festive season with beautiful Urli decorations!

Get ready to enhance your festive decor with the exquisite collection of coated, Brass, and rustic Plated Urli Platters available online at Desifavors. These stunningly hammered and embossed designs, resembling decorative flower pots, will add a touch of elegance to your home. 

Discover our exquisite selection of stunning urlis for diwali decoration that will instantly elevate your home decor. With a wide range of visually appealing designs, you'll find the perfect option to add a touch of beauty and charm to your space. Explore our exclusive offerings today!

1.Elegant Lotus Shape Urli: If you're searching for a decorative Urli for your prayer area, take a look at this exquisite flower Urli. It is skillfully crafted to spread a gentle and inviting radiance throughout every corner of your home.

2.Handcrafted Large Urli: Our 16" Handcrafted Large Urli, meticulously hammered and adorned with a stunning design. This exquisite piece of art is crafted with care and precision to add a touch of elegance to your diwali decor. Its large size makes it a perfect centerpiece, bringing a sense of grandeur to any space. 

3.Rustic metal Finish Urli: Rustic Design Urli, a charming piece that exudes a vintage and earthy appeal. With its rustic finish and unique design, this Urli adds a touch of character and warmth to any space. Crafted with attention to detail, it showcases a weathered look that brings a sense of nostalgia and authenticity. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, this Urli effortlessly complements various decor styles, making it a versatile and eye-catching addition to your home.

Discover our extensive online collection of home decor items that exude timeless traditional charm. From exquisite furniture pieces to captivating accents, our selection is sure to add warmth and elegance to your living spaces.

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