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Pichwai & Cheriyal Art


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Handmade Cheriyal Home Decor for Gifting in the USA
Red Man and Woman Pair for Gifting in the USA
Yellow Face Craft for Home and Office Decor in the USA
Cheriyal Face Wall Hangings for sale in the USA
Cheriyal Face Hangings for Home/Office decor in the USA
Wooden Handmade Cheriyal Decor Items for Wedding return gifts in the USA
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White Handpainted Nandi
White Nandi wood Statue Hand-painted with blue & red  Pattern
hand painted with exquisite motifs
artist holding crafted wooden skull
White Handpainted Hanging Nandi
Just 1 left
Red Handpainted Wooden Nandi
Cow Head Painted In Vibrant colors by Indian artists
hand painted with exquisite motifs and the subtle colours in green, red and blue colors on wood
holding the wooden bull head in hand
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Wall decor accessories for sale in the USA
Kamadhenu Wall Decor online in the USA
Round Pichwai Plates for sale in the USA
Cow Pichwai Wall Plate
Just 5 left
Cow Pichwai Wall Plate
Plates for Wall Decor and Gifting in the USA
Hand Painted plates for wall decor online
Beautifully Painted Pichwai Artwork for Home/Office online
Radha Painted Pichwai Plates for Wall Decor
Hook attached Wall hanging decor online in the USA
Radha Pichwai Plate
Just 4 left
Radha Pichwai Plate
Round Pichwai Plates for sale in the USA
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Cheriyal Face Pen Stands for gifting in the USA
Handmade Cheriyal Stands for Home/Office in the USA
Colorful Pen Stands for Return Gifting in the USA
Gifts with a touch of tradition in the USA
Shop/Buy traditional handmade Cheriyal art from Desifavors
Woman Shaped Pen Stand for return gifting in the USA
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yellow Nandi Wall Decor
Wooden Hand Painted Cow Face - Yellow
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Wooden Elephant Head
hand painted lotus flower on the elephant ear
a wooden elephant painted in green and orange color
a colorful wooden elephant for home decor
Hand painted Wooden Elephant Head
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Lord Krishna Pichwai Plates for Wall Decor
Lord Krishna Wall Decor Hangings for Gifting in the USA
Round Pichwai Plates for Home/Office decor in the USA
Art and Craft Wall Decor Hangings online
Easy to hang wall decor hangings in the USA
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Krishna Pichwai Plate
Cheriyal Sunglass Holder online in the USA
Women Sunglass Holder for Gifting in the USA
Handmade Wooden Sunglass Holder for Stylish Indoors online
Birthday, Anniversary or special day gifts for family and friends in the USA
Cheriyal Style Wooden Home Decor options in the USA
Traditional Gifts for Mom and Dad in the USA
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Cheriyal Sunglass Holder
a rustic wooden wall hanging frames
indian textile frames on the fire wood
a indian style textile wall hanging frame
framed polyster sarees in the wooden frame
Indian Fabric Wall Art Frames
50% OFF
Indian Fabric Wall Art Frames
Radha Krishna Home decor wall plates
Radha Krishna wall hanging plates
Made with Cotton cloth pasted to plate and worked with natural colours
Radha Krishna Cheriyal Wall Plate - 12
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Shrinathji wall art
Srinathji Pichwai Decor Plate
Just 8 left
Wooden Pichwai Wall Plate with Majestic Elephant Design
this wooden wall plate is hand-painted with art, talent and love.
Crafted with the finishing touch of enamel, this wall plate decor will add to the character and personality of your home.
Crafted with a convenient knob for easy hanging, our Elephant Pichwai Wall Plates are the perfect addition to your home decor.
Just 9 left

Explore our Pichwai and Cheriyal Art collection, which showcases traditional Indian artworks dating back to the 16th century. Pichwai paintings originated in Rajasthan, while Cheriyal paintings are from Telangana. Both art forms feature intricate details and vibrant colors, depicting stories from Indian mythology and culture. Shop our collection and own a piece of history in the form of these stunning artworks.


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