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Pooja Garlands


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Lily Lotus Hanging
Lily Rose Hanging
Chamanthi with Mogra
Mogra and Rose Decor hangings
Floral Decor Props for Home/Office Decor
Backdrop Decoration Floral Props for Indian Rituals
Artificial Floral Decor for Indian Traditions
Mogra Decor for Pooja mandir and temple decorations
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Rose with Mogra
Palm Parrot Hanging
Pink floral decor for Diwali decorations
Gajra garlands for Indian wedding decorations
String flowers for indoor and outdoor decorations
Indian home floral decorations for living and pooja room
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Floral Garland - Pink
Floral Garland - Orange
Event decorations for traditional pooja ceremonies in the USA
Indian floral garlands for wedding decorations
Decor garlands for Indian themed parties
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Celebrate Traditions with DesiFavors' Indian Garlands:

Embrace the richness of Indian culture and traditions with DesiFavors' exquisite collection of Indian Garlands. Crafted with meticulous precision and dedication, our garlands serve as more than just decorative elements; they are a testament to the artistry and skill of Indian rural women. Committed to sustainability, our garlands are made from eco-friendly materials such as solawood and plastic paper, ensuring that each piece carries a touch of authenticity and environmental responsibility.

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