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Varalakshmi Vratham Guide 2023

Varalakshmi Vratham Guide 2023


Origin of Varalakshmi Vratham

According to the Skanda Puran of the Hindu Mythology, a conversation between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati about a 'Vratham' that would be beneficial to Women brought into existence the widely renowned 'Varalakshmi Vratam'. To illustrate the importance of the Vratham, Lord Shiva states the example of 'Charumati'.

Once Goddess Lakshmi appeared in the dream of Charumati, pleased with her devotion to her husband and family, and asked her to perform the Varalakshmi Vratha. The saintly Charumati agreed and invited all her neighbors, friends, and relatives and executed the Varalakshmi puja as directed by Goddess Lakshmi. Soon after the puja, all the people who participated in the ritual and took home the offerings of the event were blessed with wealth and prosperity along with Charumati’s family.

As the name suggests, the ‘Varalakshmi’ (‘Vara’ meaning Wish) form of the goddess bestows boons and fulfills all desires of her devotees. Hence this form of the goddess is known as Vara + Lakshmi i.e. Goddess Lakshmi who grants wishes.

About Varalakshmi Vratam

The Varalakshmi Vratam puja is observed last Friday during Shravana Shukla Paksha and falls just a few days ahead of Rakhi and Shravana Purnima.

Varalakshmi Vrat is suggested not only for women but also for men. The Varalakshmi fasting is performed with the desire for worldly pleasures and it includes children, spouse, luxury, and all sorts of earthly pleasures.

It is believed that worshipping Goddess Vara-Lakshmi on this day is equivalent to worshipping the 'Ashtalakshmis' i.e. the eight Goddesses of Wealth (Sri), Earth (Bhu), Learning (Saraswati), Love (Priti), Fame (Kirti), Peace (Shanti), Pleasure (Tushti) and Strength (Pushti).

Varalakshmi Puja Muhurat

According to Astrology, the most appropriate time to worship Goddess Lakshmi is during a fixed Lagna. If Lakshmi Puja is done during a fixed Lagna, it is believed to bestow long-lasting prosperity.

Given our currently busy schedules, any suitable time can be chosen for Varalakshmi Puja. However, evening time which overlaps with Pradosh is considered the most appropriate to worship Goddess Lakshmi.

Varalakshmi Puja Item List

Following items, which are needed during Varalakshmi Vrat Puja, should be collected before Varalakshmi Vrat. This list doesn't include daily Puja items but it lists only those items which are needed especially for Varalakshmi Vrat Puja.

  1. Goddess Varalakshmi statue
  2. Flower Garlands
  3. Kumkum
  4. Turmeric
  5. Sandal Powder
  6. Vibhuti
  7. Mirror
  8. Comb
  9. Mango Leaves
  10. Flowers
  11. Betel leaves
  12. Panchamrita
  13. Curd
  14. Banana
  15. Milk
  16. Water
  17. Agarbatti
  18. Moli
  19. Sambrani
  20. Camphor
  21. Small Puja Bell
  22. Prasad
  23. Small oil lamp
  24. Unbroken rice

Rules for Varalakshmi Vratam

  • Start with extensively cleaning every room and corner of your house. Pay special attention to your entryway/doorway.
  • Use Mango Leaves and Elaborate Rangolis to decorate your home, entryway, and the Pooja space.
  • Footprints of the Goddess could be painted from the entry to the place of worship, symbolically welcoming the goddess to your abode.
  • The Murti (idol) of Goddess Lakshmi is decorated with bright flowers, Haldi and Kumkum.
  • A Kalash is half-filled with rice and its neck is decorated with fresh mango and betel leaves.
  • A Coconut smeared with Haldi and Kumkum and a blouse piece are placed in the puja area and Goddess Lakshmi is invoked therein. 
  • Women usually observe a fast till the puja is over.
  • Special dishes like Vada, Mango Rice, Dal Vadas, and sweets like Payasam (Kheer) are prepared on the day as offering to the Goddess.
  • Women in the neighborhood, gather in houses and take part in the community 'Arathi' in the evening. 
  • They exchange gifts like Bangles, Kumkum, Betel Leaves, Fruits, and Flowers.

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  • Vara Mahalakshmi Vrataham day is also an auspicious day for beginning business and house-warming functions.

Pooja Space Decor Ideas for the Varalakshmi Vratam

Common Queries about the Vratham

1. What if I missed the Varalakshmi Puja?

  • If you missed the Vratam Day or failed to observe it, you can do it the following Friday. Another option is to observe it on a Friday in Navratri.
2. What is the Varalakshmi Nombu Saradu or thread?
  • A thread dipped in Haldi is prepared with nine knots and the flower is placed in the center. It is tied to the right hand.
3. What to do with Water and Coconut atop Kalasham after Puja?
  • The water in the Kalash should be offered to plants that are on the ground (not potted plants). The water should not flow out. People should not stamp on water.
  • You should break the coconut the next day and use it to make any sweet like sweet Pongal, Modak, or Kozhukattai with jaggery and rice.
4. Can Unmarried Women perform the Varalakshmi Vratam?
  • Sure! Even unmarried women can perform the ritual to seek the blessings of the Goddess. It is however recommended to take help from an elderly person in the family to avoid procedural mistakes.

The Varalakshmi Vratham Pooja has a history as old as the Sun itself. Make sure you perform the ritual with the utmost respect and attention to acquire Goddess Varalakshmi’s blessings. Visit our traditional accessory supply store to find appropriate decor and pooja essentials for your Vratham day.

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