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How I Celebrated My Daughter's First Birthday - A Desi/Indian Mom

Let us be real, the little one is sure, not interested in the gorgeous 5 layer cake, the spectacular lights, the super expensive costume he/she is adorned in or the numerous toys around. But, our baby girl turning one was a celebration for my husband and me. And rightly so, welcoming this tiny human did call for a party! 

It is no exaggeration to say that for us, Indians, celebrations are all about color, pomp, and show. However, the art lover in me wanted to add loads of style to it as well. The numerous stores I had to run around to find that perfect hot pink ribbon or those apt gift wrappers rightly aligned with the theme or even brainstorming to add class to the event, every minute of it was so much work honestly! 

I was sure about not doing a character-themed party. However, I knew it had to have girly colors. Back in 2011, I did not know where to buy themed decor. The only place where everyone I knew went to buy was PartyCity(for standard themed decor products like Mickey or Dora) or Michaels (if you planned a more custom themed party). I spent hours finding the right products. I have ordered the Tulle Pom Pom and the fake grass with daisies as table centerpieces on Etsy. And, to add more aesthetics to the centerpiece, I ordered some vases from Walmart and brought fresh tulips to put in them. Then, matching napkins and paper plates from party city to complement the centerpiece.

 I also made a small board with 12 pictures of my daughter representing one picture for each month. Finally, the choice of venue made all these colors and the party a big hit. The place was called the top of the town located in Arlington, VA, which overlooks the Washington monument and the capitol. Every accessory in the sweet bar is personalized and crafted by me. Once the theme is ready, it is the checklist that helps you make things happen.

Fun Fact - All of us throw huge birthday parties for beautiful pictures. Of course, a beautiful decor is much needed for those stunning pics. I have created a gift corner which added color to the decor. Every wrapping paper, table cloths, party hats, and the scattered baby pink feathers were literally the feathers to my creative cap.

If you have a creative bone in you and want to create something stunning for your little one, take the plunge, I say. If I can do it, then so can you. Remember, the first step for a successful event is to keep calm and take a deep breath :) 

Standing in the corner, looking at all that jazz and my beautiful baby smiling amidst all that...made it all worth it. Well, little did I know that this was all a prep for my dreams? So, listen up, ladies, amidst all the chaos, clutter, and your children, make space for your dreams!

Did you also plan a party or planning to have one? Do share your tips and suggestions, if any, in the comments section below.

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