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Traditional Indian Backdrop Décor Ideas for various Pooja Ceremonies

Traditional Indian Backdrop Décor Ideas for various Pooja Ceremonies


Poojas and rituals are essentially the avenues to get in touch with God in the way and mode desired by the practitioner. Indian Pujas are traditional family and social gatherings wherein people come together and refresh their relationships. During pujas, gifts are given away and charity is done to the poor and needy, helping in the spiritual evolution of people and are also occasions to celebrate the different art forms like dance, music, and crafts to name a few. Therefore they provide a holistic approach to living by taking our minds off of the daily hustle and providing us with a sense of hope and happiness.

Festivals on the other hand are combinations of religious ceremonies mixing worship and pleasure. The original purpose of these activities was to purify and renew society, bridge over critical moments and events, and stimulate the vital powers of nature. Different festivals have the importance of their own, their rituals or rules people have been following for a long time. They help keep us tied to our roots and also preserve and pass on our traditions to further generations. They by default have a positive effect on the minds of the participants and help in forming better and pure relationships with society.

During such grand and historic festivities, we very much desire to decorate our homes with equal eloquence and historic relevance of spirituality. We bring to you a list of such decor ideas which will help you bring the culture back to rituals. Look no further for the easiest decor ideas ever. Each of these would take no more than a regular 30 mins to set up but can instantly give your special day an awesome head turn.

Here are some Indian Pooja Décor Ideas for Various Pooja Ceremonies! 

Lord Ganesh Décor Setup : 

Lord Ganesh is widely revered, more specifically, as the remover of obstacles and thought to bring good luck; the patron of arts and sciences; and the deva of intellect and wisdom. Decorate your home this festive season with this decor idea and welcome all the prosperity and success you desire.

Traditional Puri Jagannadh Backdrop Decoration Setup :

Lord Vishnu is considered to be the administrator among the Trimurthis. It is believed that it is his power that protects the Earth and preserves life on it. Lord Jagannath is said to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu. This auspicious decor idea will bring all the joy and happiness you deserve this festive season through the blessings of Lord Vishnu himself.

Mogra Garland Floral Décor Setup :

Flower arrangements are a simple and effective way to amplify the welcome setting of any given place. Not only reserved for special occasions, but a few simple stems can also be just as important in improving the ambiance of an everyday setting at your home. A good floral arrangement can keep your guests in a happy state of mind throughout the occasion.

Simple and Easy Parrot and Sunflower Stickup Décor Setup : 

Arranging flowers and decor items is an expression of creativity and a highly valued art form. It can be a part-time hobby or a full-time profession. They can be used to brighten up your home or make an important day feel even more special. Adding to it according to the event, the stickups on the backdrop are the most vital parts of any decoration idea. Steal from us these design ideas to amp up the look of your personal or professional occasions.

The aim of decorating any space according to us at Desifavors is to add value, charm, and beauty to your most important days and events in life. A good decoration throws more light on the purpose of the gathering and the stature of the people that would be invited. The impact and influence of a proper decoration cannot be underestimated and can play a very important role in enhancing the mood and ambiance of the convention. Go ahead and brighten the life of any events you plan to entertain your guests with.

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