Natural Looking Chamanthi Garlands

Guest: Can I touch these flowers?

Host: Sure.

Guest: Oh My God! These are FAKE! 

This is a typical reaction to these garlands when they are hung at a party.

Real-looking chamanthi (chrysanthemum) flower garlands that can be used for Indian festivals like Diwali, Navratri, pujas, weddings and other occasions. This garland by Desi Favors is something your guests will rave about to others.

  • A set of 2, 3-feet-long beautiful yellow garland, each flower measures 4 centimeters
  • Made from the finest materials that give it a natural look
  • Easy on the pocket and value for money
  • Has multiple uses, can be used for festivals, pujas and other occasions
  • Adds an Indian touch to your home
  • A worry-free alternative to fresh flowers that wither with time
  • Can be reused multiple times
  • Durable and strong, easy on the walls.
  • Closely woven wreath of flowers that give the garland a stunning look

Garlands are often a mark of respect and hold a spiritual significance in the Indian culture. They are also symbols of God's blessings. Get this chamanthi garland by Desi Favors today! This is just what you needed to add that traditional touch.

Customer Reviews

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These are real me...and you can use them over and over

Just kidding, but you wont know until you touch them. The storage box is really good. I might use it for storing winter gloves, since I hung it in our puja room and I don't plan to remove them.Shipping was quick and fragile packaging was great.