Beautiful Red Umbrella Envelopes

Your gift should be enough to capture the receiver’s attention and remain a part of their memory forever. But when you are giving someone money, it doesn’t really stay in their mind. Not anymore. Give your Shagun a trendy makeover with this festive, handcrafted envelope in the colour of Love! These envelopes come adorned with sparkly umbrella motifs that are sure to etch onto the receiver’s mind and create an ever lasting impression.

The envelopes have a self-coloured design on it for a classy impact and red umbrella motifs embossed on it for a festive glitter.

  • The pack contains a set of 10 red umbrella printed envelopes
  • Vibrant colour and elegant design
  • Envelopes have a dimension of 7.5 X 3.5 inch
  • Made of sturdy material that is durable and long lasting
  • Affordable cost and complete worth for the money
  • Ideal for gifting on festive occasions like weddings, anniversaries, festivals, engagements and other traditional ceremonies.
  • Can also be used for corporate gift certificates and event cards.

Create the impact you intend with these regal envelopes