Gold Beaded Mango Leaves For Festivals

The religious and scientific significance of mango leaves in Indian traditions is massive. Believed to be symbols of love and keep out energy, they continue to be important for poojas, festivals and other events. Get these gold-beaded mango leaves by Desi Favors to celebrate the occasions the Indian away.
  • A string of artifical green mango leaves with gold beads that adds to its elegance
  • Each leaf measures 5-inches
  • 6-feet in length that fits the standard size of US doors
  • Perfect for poojas, festivals, weddings and other religious or festive occasions
  • Made with the finest quality of silk
  • Looks very natural
  • Can be used repeatedly
  • A budget-friendly home decor option
  • Can be reused due to its durability
  • A beautiful reflection of Indian customs and traditions
  • An affordable gift idea that is very Indian and stunning

Get your toran of this real-looking delicate mango leaves today and celebrate Indian traditions!