Medium-Sized Paper Bags Embossed with Golden Ganesha

Looking for the perfect way to pack return gifts for festivals, traditional ceremonies or weddings? Go for these elegant, colourful paper bags embossed with golden motifs with an ethnic look to match the ceremonies. These paper bags are embossed with golden Ganesha motifs, the elephant-headed God, much beloved, revered and worshipped in almost all the states of India. He is known as the God of new beginnings and good luck.

  • Each set contains 4 medium-sized paper bags with a Ganesha symbol
  • Available in 4-5 different colours
  • Size of one medium sized bag is 8 in. x 4 in. x 10 in.
  • Paper bag handles attached in the form of golden strings
  • Has an ethnic, traditional and festive look
  • Great for any traditional Indian ceremony
  • Useful for packing an assortment of return gifts, sweets, haldi kumkum, prashad and the like

These bags are great for giving out return gifts and prashad not only for Ganesh Chaturthi, but any other Indian festivals and ceremonies like weddings, engagements and so on.