Vibrant Orange & Yellow Fabric Boxes

These beautiful fabric boxes by Desi Favors with bright golden motifs come in two colors of a bright orange and vibrant yellow. Store anything your heart desires in these sturdy boxes - you can also store some love!

  • Set of 4 fabric boxes, each box is 6x4 inches in size
  • Perfect to store a variety of things like, small beads, dryfruits, chocolates, jewelry etc.
  • Built with the finest quality of materials, high in quality
  • Boxes that look great, decorated with golden motifs
  • A tradition-infused gifting idea for friends, family or colleagues
  • Adds aesthetics and works great as a prop for festive or home decor
  • Affordable and value for money

Get this set of awe-inspiring boxes home today and add a pop of color along with a touch of culture to your living or working spaces. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.