Cute and Quirky Elephant Haldi Kumkum Return Gift

The elephant, an animal found in abundance in India, is one of the most highly revered and loved creatures in the country. It has major significance in our ancient Indian culture. Are you looking for the perfect pooja return gift or wondering how to pack the haldi-kumkum needed to be given out after any Indian traditional ceremony? These cute, colourful and quirky elephant-shaped haldi-kumkum holders make for delightful return gifts.

  • Painted with bright, quirky colours and interesting patterns
  • Each set contains 10 pieces
  • Each elephant contains one packet each of haldi and kumkum
  • Other motifs and colours are also available
  • Environmentally friendly as they are wooden, not made of plastic
  • Perfect for poojas, haldi kumkum ceremonies, weddings and all traditional Indian events

Instead of packing haldi kumkum in the drab old mini ziplock bags, opt for these interesting kumkum holders. We guarantee that your guests will be charmed by them.