Eye-Catching Earthen Tea Cups

One of the most amazing things that reminds you of India, is the aroma of brewing chai and the taste of the perfectly made tea. Drinking tea is an experience and with the right kind of tea cups, that experience is enhanced beautifully. These tea cups by Desi Favors are just what you need to start your mornings with. You can also gift them to your loved ones to make them feel closer to their Indian roots.

  • A set of two tea cups made from clay in their natural mud-brown color, painted with white
  • Revive the traditional way of drinking tea from clay cups
  • The perfect gift that reflects Indian traditions
  • Affordable and inexpensive gifting idea that speaks volumes about your great aesthetic sense
  • Attractive packaging that adds value to your gift
  • Looks great as a part of home decor
  • Extraordinary tea cups that are unique and not commonly found • Made from durable materials using the finest techniques