Indigo Hand Painted Sweet Bowls

Stunning hand painted sweet bowls, that will take the aesthetics of your living or office spaces up a notch. Painted in white and indigo, these bowls with delicate motifs are also a great idea for gifting. Serving sweets in these bowls will make your food look much more appetizing!

• Adds to the aesthetics of your living room or dining area
• Affordable and easy on the pocket
• Works well as a gift for friends, family or colleagues
• Makes a powerful statement, inspired by Indian culture
• Non-toxic and well-finished
• Can be used during parties, weddings, festivals and other occasions
• Made from the finest materials that are durable and will last long

This set of two dessert bowls 4.2x4.2x1.9 inches in size, is a must have for every one with a sweet tooth. If you wan to gift them, they are guaranteed to bring a smile!