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My First Blog - A Small Introduction

Coming abroad, making a living is something most of you can surely relate to. However, we all fall prey to the concept of fitting the bill. Its never too late to hone your passion is the motto I firmly live by. I have always been a creative person. Organizing, creating little hacks, beautifying common spaces is something I have always enjoyed. 

Even with kids and family, my passion completely didn’t take a back seat. If anything, it has only helped me rekindle my love and how? Having two beautiful daughters gave me many occasions to use my crafting skills and pushing my creative space. Firstborn and their everything first is always special. So, celebrating her first birthday was nothing less. If you are an Indian or if you remotely have an idea about the Indian culture, you should know that the first birthdays are a big deal. 

From every minute detail to decor, I have organized and created a fantastic event for my daughter. It was like a homecoming for my creative abilities. It is then I have realized what if I can make this happen for every Indian here? What if I can create that abode for decor items, crafts, and more, that can help you bring you a piece of home here. Even though the inception for this venture happened a way back, it was curated, developed, and finally took shape only in 2018.  

If you think I am a superwoman or someone with exceptional skills, you are mistaken. I am a simple woman with two kids and a loving husband. I enjoy everything simple. I am someone who is god loving and is proud of her culture and traditions. I believe in bringing those traditions and make a piece of that home wherever I go. Desi Favors is my dream child that is an epitome of my beliefs, culture, and passion.

The idea of blogging is especially for all those women who are just like me. I hope these little snippets of my life will inspire you and help you. 

Keep checking this space for exciting updates!